Re: Foucault and Habermas

Check the biographies of Foucault. I think the best reference is Macey, The
Lives of MF, pp 334 ff, which is to Habermas' lectures at the College de
France. These became part of his Philosophical Discourse of Modernity book,
which of course has work on Foucault (I don't think the lectures he gave
when Foucault was there were on F - but on Nietzsche). There is a large body
of literature referring to the Habermas/Foucault debate - I wasn't terribly
impressed with it to be honest. The best place to look - if only because it
will have the references to the other material - is Michael Kelly (ed.),
Critique and Power (1994).

Hope this is helpful -


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>Is anyone aware whether Foucault and Habermas ever debated
>one another? If so does anyone have the reference? A colleague
>of mine maintains this debate took place but could not locate the
>reference. Also any other references relating to their differences would
>be appreciated.

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