Re: l'absence d'oeuvre

Dear Mike. For your friend looking for the Foucault paper that
responds to Derrida:

"My Body, This Paper, This Fire" _Oxford Literary Review_ 4, 1979.

First published in French: "Mon Corps, ce papier, ce feu" in
an obscure journal called _Paideia (1971), and later the paper
was added as an appendix to the 1972 edition of _Histoire de
la folie_. Derrida's paper, "To Do Justice to Freud ..."
in _Critical Inquiry_ (1994, 20), is interesting as well since
Derrida seems to be saying that it's (the absence of) Freud, not
Descartes, that's the problem.

Stephen Katz,
Trent University


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