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2nd Annual South African
Qualitative Methods Conference

"The Body Politic"

3 & 4 September 1996
Johannesburg, South Africa


"The Body Politic" is intended to
appeal to those with an interest in
bodies - both flesh and blood bodies
and bodies of knowledge/power. What is
to be done with bodies (gendered
bodies, racial bodies, virtual bodies,
dead bodies) now that the new world
order is upon us and everything is
turning into 'discourse'? Contributions
not directly related to the theme but
dealing with or making use of
qualitative methods (in its broadest
definition) are also welcome.


The conference is a meeting place for
academics and other knowledge workers
such as artists and political
activists. In academia the conference
is likely to be of interest to
individuals in disciplines such as
psychology, women's studies, sociology,
history, politics, philosophy, social
work, media studies, anthropology,
nursing science and medicine.

For more information write to:



Qualitative Methods Conference
Department of Psychology
University of South Africa
PO Box 392

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