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Call for Submissions

Issue #4 will be devoted to a special topic: "CULTURE WARS"

*Varieties of "ethnic cleansing."
*Identity politics and current right-wing ideology-- race, gender, class
*The religious right movement-- history, sociology, documents,
strategies, eschatology, political influence, etc.
*The Right and technology-- uses of technology, visions of a "3rd
Wave," technocracy, corporate technoculture
*Talk radio wars-- media ownership, censorship, relations to mainstream,
discourse of.
*Domestic terrorism-- ethnography, sociology, media depiction, history,
foundational texts, education of.
*The return of myth-- local wars against global secularization, extreme
mythologies, etc.
*Warfare as trope and as way of life.

UNDERCURRENT is a free journal available as electronic text on the
Internet. To see previous issues, open this URL address with any web
browser such as Netscape, Mosaic, or Lynx:

UNDERCURRENT seeks article submissions or queries with abstracts
providing an analysis of the present in terms of discourses, events,
representations, classes, or cultures. The analysis we seek can be from
diverse intellectual perspectives--feminist, historical, ethnological,
sociological, literary, political, semiotic, philosophical, cultural
studies, and so forth. We seek applied analysis rather than theory. Any
theoretical orientation ought instead to be apparent and immanent in your
particular focus on the present. We especially encourage
interdisciplinary work. Article length varies according to your needs,
anywhere from "short-takes" of 500-1000 words to "feature" of up to 7500

As its audience is potentially much broader than that of academic
journals held only in university libraries, the style must account for an
educated audience which is not necessarily familiar with either the
jargon or the debates in a special field. UNDERCURRENT wishes to publish
articles that address this broader audience while also conveying a vivid
sense of how current academic scholarship can contribute to our
understanding of the present.

All submissions will receive a reply, however no copies can be returned.
Any major citation format is acceptable, although endnotes must be used
rather than footnotes due to the contingencies of various platforms for
viewing electronic text. Submissions and queries can be sent in any of
the following ways, in order of preference:

1.> e-mail to <heroux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> and note in the
subject field that this is a submission to UNDERCURRENT.

2.> Mail a floppy diskette with your text in ASCII or
WordPerfect or RTF or any major word processor format(address below).

3.> Mail two copies of your essay by traditional post to:

Erick Heroux
Dept. of English
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403

Deadline for the "Culture Wars" issue is September 30 '95.


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