Foucault Conf 1994 Proceedings

Fellow Foucault Listers

Could those of you who were speakers at the 'Foucault: The legacy'
conference held at the Gold Coast in Australia in July 1994 please contact
me with your email address if I haven't already contacted you? I would
like to send you a letter and it is much easier and quicker to do so by email
than by post or fax.

By way of explanation you will be pleased to know that the 'Foucault: The
Legacy' Conference Proceedings will finally be available on the 15th
November 1995 as a QUT publication. It will be a volume of
approximately 700 pages with over 60 articles covering a large range of
subjects and will include photographs. Price (including postage and
handling) will be approximately $AU35 in Australia and $AU40 outside
Australia. I think the current rate is $AU1 = $US0.75 (Please correct me if
I'm wrong!) I will post an order form to the list as soon as details are

Articles will appear in the proceedings under the following general
headings: health and medicine, philosophy, speaking the truth in
medicine and law, governmentality and studies of government,
management studies, literature and history, Australian history, education,
early childhood studies, architecture, feminism, art history, accounting,
environmentalism, third world issues, psychoanalysis, marketing

In the meantime could anyone who is interested in purchasing a copy let
me know by private email. This will help me to determine what kind of
print run would be viable. I will post an order form later to the list, but if
you would prefer me to send one (or more) forms via snail mail please let
me know.

Please feel free to pass on this message to whoever you think might be
iterested or to other lists.

Clare O'Farrell
Clare O'Farrell
Brisbane Australia
email: c.ofarrell@xxxxxxxxxx



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