Re: deconstruction v. genealogy

On Mon, 21 Aug 1995 AH7301R@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Pauline wrote:
> "Habermas describes 'effective history' (which i equate with the concept
> of 'genealogy' in Foucault - pls correct me if you see a difference here)
> as a process wherein "The horizon [is] open to ... [a] future, which is
> determined by expectations in the present, [and which] guides our access to
> the past".
> What is the citation for this quote
I apologise for not including the reference for the quotation from
Habermas, it is as follows:

HABERMAS, J, _The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity_, Polity Press,
1987 (in translation), first pub in Germ 1985. quote was from p.13



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