foucauldian vs foucaultian

Foucauldian was invented earlier as an adjective - I think one of its first
appearances may be in an article in French published in 1968 . From what
I have heard (and this is just hearsay) some Foucault scholars in England
a few years ago decided that 'foucauldian' was too 'French' in its
construction and that the more 'correct' English construction was
'foucaultian'. My personal view (and I hope I won't be too severely
flamed on this!!) is that the invention of this new term was simply a
careerist attempt to make a mark in the ever expanding and highly
competitive Foucault industry.

I personally would stick to the term foucauldian - it is much more widely
used and as someone said it sounds better!

Clare O'Farrell
School of CPS, QUT
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