Re: Phenomenology

I completely agree with your point. I am not aware of any secondary literature in English which emphasizes Foucault's relation to phenomenology. However, (if you have not come across yet) you might want to take a look at: Henry Staten, Wittgenstein and Derrida (1984 Lincoln: U. Nebraska Pr.). Besides the intrieguing
central argument about the similarity of Wittgenstein & Derrida's textual strategies, Staten makes a strong case that Derrida's deconstruction of phenomenology (in this case Husserl's) takes place strictly on the phenomenological plane a
nd presumes it, and therefore is not a straightforeward canselling out of phenomenology. Although Staten does not deal with Foucault in any sense, I believe that in outline his argument holds for Foucault as well.
I hope this is of some interest for you.


Hajime Nakatani
Anthropology/Art History
U. of Chicago


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