Re: Phenomenology

Dear Silvia Stoller, and Foucault listers:

Gruesse! The phenomenology connection is certainly there in Foucaul, at least
right at the beginning, in his earliest publications, in particular
phenomenological psychology, more or less in the Merleau-Ponty vein. Of
course French writers have mostly seen Phenomenology as in combat with and
superseded by structuralism and post-, which have in common the Death of the
Subject, or Anti-Humanism. But post-Husserl, "existential" phenomenology is
also anti-subject to a considerable extent, n'est-ce pas? - one of the things
which is most interesting about it. As in Sartre's Transcendence of the Ego,
and M-Ponty: "Truth does not dwell in the inner man, or rather there is no
inner man, man is in the world -- l'homme est au monde ...." (PoP preface).

Bill Peck
Reed College


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