Re: F's incitement to confess

can you spell out this citation more:
> Check out Gail
>Stygall's "Basic Writing and Foucault's Author Function" (CCC Oct 94) for
>an interesting basicwriter take on What is an Author.

Thank you.

I am an anthropologist and am teaching a course on "ethnographic writing and
field methods" in the spring and am going to my friends in the english dept
for suggestions on how to structure a (creative) writing focussed class.
but, this intersection here on foucault and composition has snagged my
attention. does this combo seek to make the student write as if nameless?
to learn how better to conceal the individuality of authorship? or more
cognizant of the way discourse enounciates the writer --- to have Focault's
author-function thesis become a poststructuralist phrasing of Levi-Strauss'
"myth makes man" maxim?

for us at least me outside of writing composition class, the use that one
would be make of f.'s author-function in that setting is not obvious.



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