Re: F's incitement to confess

Dell Bleekman wrote:

>I believe the stygall article deals with the idea that basic writers
>(students who comprise all developmental writing courses and many
>freshmen composition classes) are not granted author status by the
>Academy; their words are considered to be 'outside the truth.' The right
>to transgress in writing is not extended to these student writers; in
>fact, that they are labelled as "basic writers" limits their ability
>progress or change (if they do progress well they are often accused of

Hey! this reminds me of Truffaut's 400 Blows where little Antoine (this
story is heavily autobiographical, of course) is thrown out of school for
plagiarizing Balzac. The whole movie is in fact an extended meditation on
the relationship between writing, survivial and transgression.

Maybe if freshman comp classes focussed on the idea of writing as
transgression and survival...

Jorge Pedraza


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