Re: Foucault, Journalism, Chomsky

the interview is publishd (in a volume containing debates that took place
in Amsterdam; it does exist in english, in the seventies, best to look up
at BL)

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On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, Peter Campbell wrote:

> Antoine,
> If you do have a transcript of the interview with Chomsky, I would love to
> get a copy. I wonder if you could post it to the list, or if you could tell
> me where to find it. (I've been searching for it in vain for some time.)
> You asked if anyone on the list had any opinions on the failure of Chomsky
> and Foucault to join forces. It seems to me that their biggest divergence
> would come over the issue of agency, and would therefore preclude any
> in-depth alliance. Chomsky is committed to the notion of power as it is
> embodied by actual persons, an intellectual and economic elite which
> controls the various ongoings of the planet from a position of omniscience
> and omnipotence. Foucault would have had a hard time relating to anyone
> with this notion, as he is clearly against any idea of power as something
> which can be used against others or as something which can be deprived.
> Indeed, Foucault urges us to see power in terms of a network of relations
> rather than as something which is merely repressive. I think Chomsky would
> reject this notion completely as being apolitical.
> However, I can only guess at what their interaction and points of
> contention would be. That's why I would love to get a hold of the
> transcript of that discussion.
> Peter Campbell


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