Re: Journalist MF

MF published "Du bon usage du criminel" in Nouvel Observateur, No.726 of
october 9 of 1978, 48-49.
Translated to Spanish in Revista Triunfo, No.826, 25-XI, 1978, 38-39.
And published in: 'La Vida de los Hombres Infames", Ed. La Piqueta, Madrid,
Coleccion Genealogia del Poder, 1990.

Also, 'La Fobie d'Etat', published in Liberation, 30 june-july 1984, p.21
(It was previously a conf. in the College the France).

MF was an interesting researcher in journals as 'archive' and the analitic
journalist of the everday life of prisoners (GIP) and other minorities of
his time.

>From far south,
Gregorio Kaminsky


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