Re: juridical repressive rhetoric?

>does anyone know of a place to look where foucault discusses the
>juridical/disciplinary distinction and its implications upon discourses,
>language, or rhetoric? i want to argue that a contractual oppression based
>model of rhetoric ignores both the productive nature of power and the
>disciplinary characteristics of rhetoric. for example, a criticism of
>persuasion as the power of the rhetor over another sees power from purely a
>repressive/contractual lens. i've read "two lectures" in power/knowledge
>and tried to find hits in _discipline and punish_ and _history of sexuality,
>vol 1_, but i could use some more help. thanks.

Unfortunately I do not have a lot of Foucault's books around here, but
could you sum up for instance the different perspectives and analysis of
rhetoric you have found in your readings?
The explanation of rhetoric as a pure effect of power is maybe related to
Plato or Cicero if I understand your "repressive/contractual lens".
Could you define the other modes of discourse analysis from a Foucault
point of view or from your own?
Sorry to answer with another question.
Best regards
JM Olives.


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