Re: juridical repressive rhetoric?

The clearest case Foucault makes for the jur/disc.
distinction is in The History of Sexuality v.1, especially
in those sections where he criticizes the "repressive
hypothesis." You are also right to look in Discipline and
Punish, especially in those sections where the transition
from the classical regime to reformism are dealt with. You
may also want to look in Politics, Philosophy, Culure
(Routledge, Lawrence Kritzman, ed) - there are five
interviews here concerning "Theories of the Political:
History, Power, and the Law." Finally, there is an
interesting book on Foucault and Governance, by Gary Wickham
and others, but I don't have it with me. Please let me know
if you find any interesting sources, especially from
Focuault himself; I'm interested in the same thing.


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