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>My claim is that Foucualt and other post-
>structuralits are humanists of a sort, no matter how vehemently they deny
>such a charge.

This was the conclusion I was coming too.

>You only need look at their political projects with care,
>in order to locate the humanist core of their polical aspirations.

D&P is about prison reform;
TBoTC is about reforming medical practice;
and so on...

>They offer
> humananisms devoid of humanity, where the subject theorized to populate the
>social body is incapable of becoming the autonomous, self-determing being
that the humanist inspired political project so obviously seeks. We posties
>truly deeply flawed and paradoxical humanists. I'm not claiming originality

I'd be interested in your source referneces.

> I am only suggesting that we post-structuralists quit fooling
>ourselves into believing that we are radically ant-liberal and anti-
>humanist. We are no such thing. We reject much of liberalism, and much of
>the various humanisms that can be found, but we share many of the core values
>belonging to both. We need to carefully take stock of our political values,
>those we would be unwilling to give up, to embrace them, rather than contin-
>uing to parrot the stale rhetoric of anti-humanism. We are not fooling


Bryan Palmer
Canberra - Australia's National Capital


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