Re: Poststructualism, ethics and values

>I think it may be a little more complicated than this... I hear an over-easy
>dichotomy being assumed between theory and practice. Those you have
described as
>'"purist" philosophers/theorists" are not necessarily divorced from the
>arena. It's only that politics has gone through a redefinition process in this
>post-almost-everything world, and this is a *good* thing. Once the
>assumptions that ground our notions of politics are uncovered and
>it is necessary that our notions of poltics be updated, refashioned. Ethics
>demands it, does it not?


> It is not that Foucault and D&G are apolitical but that
>they are political other/wise, political in an/other way. That you don't
>recognize this politics of an/other kind doesn't suggest that it isn't
>significant and operating. As lyotard says, "it is happening."

I have no problems with the statement that this is an otherwise politics.
My struggle is what to do with the realm of policy development and politics
in which I work.

Bryan Palmer
Canberra - Australia's National Capital


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