You are not alone Randy

>I am an educator faced with students who do not understand the
>philosophical implications of their own violent actions.

Randy Drabman, I understand your despair, nothing is more traumatizing than
this kind of experiences and I am sure that Foucault - and not the slavish
army of his devotees - would be sensitive to yout problem.

I think you have some quick solutions:

1) Force your students to read all the posts of this list. I am sure that
they will swear to be nice little kids in order to avoid another horrifying

2) return to a classical humanist philosophy, like a stoician one. Forget
all this post-pathological restlessness about ethical distinction. Say to
your students that unlike your feminist poststructuralist colleague, you
are able to distinguish between Good and Evil . Try to identify the most
dangerous of the group. Knock him down.

3) Learn french and try to read the real Foucault. You will appreciate the
clarity, the accurateness and the generosity of his statements. And you
will forget all this overweening verbosity.

Take care Randy
JM Olives.


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