Re: In defence of humans

I wonder if the example of "deep ecology" is so fundamentally rooted in
cpaitalist humanism as you say via your citation of another presumed
authority then what inddeed makes it "posthumanist?" and do any of the
supposed "deep ecologists" actually claim to also be poststructuralists?
foucaultian, derrridean, lacanian, deleuzeian discipiples?

I think your example here is rather silly. For even if some "deep
ecologists" (WHO for example do you refer to mby this term so unfamiliar
to me) claim to be poststructuralists and post humanists, I wonder if
they actually are one or another or both -- wonder to what extent one
could actually build an ecological movement so rooted in capitalist
assumptions and FOUCAULT AND DERRIDA!! sorry, but your example needs
more than this simple citation of the "evidence!"

as for the quote by Peters -- ? who? -- regarding academic blather, it
certainly is not clear what the referent is. I guess i still need to
step outside into the night...



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