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> So far, I have heard no one provide a constuctive answer concerning my
> question of action.
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I don't know if this helps, but...

We are all programmed beings, there's no way out of it. In fact there's
some question as to whether as human's we recquire a program, an
operating system, and elicit a certain amount of oppression from any
environment we fall into. Straight jacket, armor, prosthesis, extension
of immortality- the body suit we don, our bodies as the physical reality
of a mind in the world, is a complex intersection.

I think the best that you can hope for, an idea I get from Foucault, is
to have a hand in your own programming. Awareness, as opposed to
narcosis, is the key and prime directive of intellectual activists, or
simply those who think and do. I think Foucault's or any philosopher's
work could not serve as a manifesto for action, a manual to refer to at
times of decision making. At best they can make us more aware of
ourselves, our past, our current situation, and perhaps paint a
plausable portrait of our future. The choice is not Foucault's but ours

So when the minister asks, "What shall I do in this situation?," refer
to what you know and believe to be true not what Foucault's text allow.

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