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On Fri, 2 Feb 1996, Reg Lilly wrote:

> I'm not aware of any, but perhaps Foucault has written something on
> journalism? Having done a literature search, I'm rather surprised to
> have turned up so little. Help would be appreciated. Reg Lilly

Foucault has described himself as a journalist. In "Dits et Ecrits"
(as Francois Ewald wrote in Magazine litteraire: Oct 94, no 325, p.21),
Foucault often say what he IS NOT: "I am not a philosoph", "I am not an
historian" "I am not a structuralist" etc... One of the rare positive
identification he admits was: "I am a journalist". However, he was also
critic about the media, as you can read in "Pour une chronique de la
memoire ouvriere" (D&E117) and in "L'intellectuel set a rassembler les
idees mais son savoir est partiel par rapport au savoir ouvrier"

Finally, I think we can assimile journalists with the others
"intellectuels specifiques", and presume their mission is similar

Au plaisir!

Alexandre Brassars DesJardins

N.B. please be indulgent with my primitive english!


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