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Date: Fri, 02 Feb 1996 08:58:42 -0800
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From: Reg Lilly <rlilly@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: journalism
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Reg Lilly wrote:
Does anyone here/out there know of any deconstructive approaches to
journalism I might direct him toward? I'm not aware of any, but perhaps
Foucault has written something on journalism? Having done a literature
search, I'm rather surprised to have turned up so little. Help would be
Reg Lilly

Dear Reg Lilly,
in fact F. wrote several times, that he considers himself as a
journalist and on one occasion he even worked as a journalist for
Italian newspapers on the topic of the Iranian Revolution (he was
several times in Iran). All texts are included now in the Dits et
Ecrits (III. tome), a very good summary in English gives Georg
Stauth: Revolution in spiritless times. An essay on M.Fs inquiries
into the Iranian Revolution, International Sociology Nr.3 (1991).
Good Luck


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