Re: governmentality and critique

Thomas -
I for one would like to see a more detailed outline of your thesis. I've
recently finished an MA at the University of Sussex, and one of the papers I
wrote during my time there was concerned with Habermas' criticisms of
Derrida in _The Philosophical Discourse Of Modernity_ - I particularly
focussed on the notion you identify concerning Habermas' criticisms of
Foucault - that Derrida's critique of language (as outlined in _Signature
Event Context_ and _Limited Inc_) is somehow self-refuting. If you'd like a
copy of my paper, then you're welcome to it. It's not particularly
appropriate for the Foucault mailing group, but it might be useful for your

Anyway, I look forward to hearing more about your thesis - whether publicly
or privately - and I'll try to come up with some points of
discussion/agreement/argument about what you say.

All the best



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