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Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 09:13:54 -0500 (EST)
From: ANTOINE GOULEM <goua@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: foucault in english and en francais

On the Bourdieu l*st, someone recently posted to ask for some help on
theirdissertation. Our colleague was looking into the diffrent
receptionthat Bourdieu's sociological work enjoyed (sort of ironic) in
anglo-speaking academic communities as compared to its reception in
France. Does anyone on this l*st know of any such comparative work on
Foucault. I'd also be interested to compare the reception of Foucault's
work across disciplinary lines. I'm a philosophy student, and the
impression I get is that there is a certain similarity in the manner of
the dismissal of Foucault's work in philosophy, and the response to that
work that I've witnessed over the last week or so, on another l*st I
subscribe to, this one devoted to 18th century literature and history.
The response seems to be divided along the lines thatwe witness on our
l*st: is foucault 'just' a cultural relativist or is there a humanist
content recoverable from his work. These two positions are taken up from
both the pro and the con perspective. That is, there are thosewho attack
Fpoucault for being a cultural relativist, and others who defend him on
that basis, and some who attack him for falling back into a latent or
hidden humanist agenda, while others who insist that this is the point of
his work.
Antoine Goulem


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