Re: paglia vs foucault?

>Perhaps it's another pseudo-critic who hasn't read Foucualt, especially
>to know how his work on power and the self changed over time. If you
>don't like Paglia, try Habermas and Taylor in Couzens Hoy's book,
>FOUCAULT: A CRITICAL READER. Check how few articles they quote which are
>actually written by F.; also check the date of F's articles - not much
>from his last 10 years.

Taylor's article is interesting, but misguided as you suggest. The problem
is not his lack of sources, but his "misunderstanding" of the articles he
does refer to. It is hard to beleive he misunderstands, given Taylor's
genius, but he probably went in with some kind of prejudgment that blinded
him to some points. However, I still think he may have a legitimate
complaint in asking how Foucault's project cannot be contradictory, or at
least self-defeating, wihtout any grounding.

Habermas is Habermas, 'nough said.

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