Re: Foucault in French

I agree with M. Desjardins that those who write more comfortably in
French should feel free to do so. ON the other hand, you will remember
that the original posting of the interview did not (with the apologies
of the poster) include diacritical marks, which made it far more
readable (and not really confusing to a reader of French) than the
text of M. Desjardins message as it reached us, filled with codes
which I assume "translate" into accents graves et aigus, etc.
It is too bad that there are not better accommodations for international
discourse on the net (meaning multilingual), but so far I have found
it extremely frustrating to try to read French, Spanish, or German
messages that are heavily overlaid with those codes. Is there an
easy solution? I really don't know how such things are handled, but
I would be very happy to be able to read those three languages on
the net unencumbered with weird numbers and symbols. Any net gurus
out there with answers? Tom Dillingham (tomdill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)


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