Re: Foucault, ethnography an psychoanalysis

>I would be happy to send you a copy of the prospectus which is just
>now being sent to publihsres. Do you use Netscape or Eudora for
>Mac? I f so, I can just e-mail the document. Otherwise, snail-mail
>is your purgatory.
>Tellme what you interst in the Foucault/genealogy/ethnogrpahy
>confluence is?
>Andrew Herman

It seems to me, that all we are in something similar. I'm just finishing my
master degree thesis in order to satblish a relationship between
psychoanalysis and foucaultian theory.
As Foucault ponted in The order of the world (Les choses et le mots)
Psychoanalysis and etnography are in a close relation in order to point to
the limits of man.
Do we agree?
If some of you can read Spanish I could send you a copy of my work.
I'm interested in reading your work about etnography. I have Eudora but for
Windows. Could be possible to receive a copy of it?

Sorry I don't want to abuse of your kind.

"Gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto"
Hector Escobar Sotomayor
Revista Esceptica: Perspetivas Ufologicas
Sociedad Mexicana para la Investigacion Esceptica


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