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>Hi Hector
>If you take a look at the index in 'Dits et Ecrits: (published last
>december) may be you'll have some chance.
>Are you in Mexico now? What do the mexican intellectuals think of Foucault
>as a theroretical reference for social changes? How much in
>debating/analysing politics, do they refer and/or use Foucaldien theories?

Hi Atefeh.
Yes I know this paper was published in Dits et Ecrits. The problem is that
it has been impposible to get it in Mexico.
Yes now I'm in Mexico, but unfortunately foucauldian theories are not
important in mexican philosophical media. Do you refer to the situation in
Chiapas? or to the crisis of PRI (Partido Revolucinario Institucional) and
the problems of power or both?.
In fact an important intellectual group as Octavio Paz's is anti-Foucault.
People interested in Foucault are not many. In fact i'm ready to finish my
master degree on the realtion between foucault theories and a genealogy of
psychology and its relation to Lacanian psychoanalisis. It was very
difficult to be accepted with such a project because Foucault and Lacan are
not the favorites of universitary medias.

"Gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto"
Hector Escobar Sotomayor
Revista Esceptica: Perspetivas Ufologicas
Sociedad Mexicana para la Investigacion Esceptica


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