Re: power

Dear Rich,
I'm not sure that I understand your question. Do you really want
to know WHY F was interested in power, like why Kant was interested in
reason or why Schopenhauer was interested in the dark side of life? It
seems like this kind of question wants an answer grounded in the man's
autobiography --psychoanalytic, astrological, the like. Is this what you
mean, or could you reformulate your question. Or have I completely
misinterpreted it myself?

derrick <dallums@xxxxxxxx>

On Thu, 14 Mar 1996, Richard Turner Clark wrote:

> I am a fourth year student with a question about Foucault. I am
> trying to come to a conclusion as to why Foucault was so interested in
> power. Can anybody out there help me out? I am just beginning to see how
> magical his works are but am having trouble with the origins of his
> interest surrounding this topic.
> Thank you, Rich Clark
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