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On Thu, 14 Mar 1996, Richard Turner Clark wrote:

> I am a fourth year student with a question about Foucault. I am
> trying to come to a conclusion as to why Foucault was so interested in
> power. Can anybody out there help me out? I am just beginning to see how
> magical his works are but am having trouble with the origins of his
> interest surrounding this topic.

Why is Foucault interested in power? Hum... The answer is on Foucault's
last works, particularly in a short essay published in the Book of
DREYFUS and RABINOW, or in French in _Dits et Ecrits_ n. 306 (Le sujet et
le pouvoir). In these papers, F. explains why the power IS NOT the
central question of his work, but important as a mode of subjectification.
The power creates the subject and acts on the subject and this is the
main preoccupation of Foucault.

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