Re: foucault on power

At 12:49 AM 3/16/96 -0500, you wrote:
>But in fact this move failed. I wonder if Foucault knew there was a
>fairly big literature on "power" in the United States? Did F know about
>Steve Lukes' book? About Dahl? I wonder. For a very long time, in fact,
>the label "power" and its companion "power/knowledge" distracted people
>from actually reading F.
>--John Ransom

do you think that foucault's "power" is the same as luke's "power"? it
seems you also thereby suggest foucault wasted his time for not reading
these people and or that he his contribution to the last 20-30 years of
intellectual work has been insignificant! Certainly, you are no doubt to
point out that the "lukes-dahl" list is much more popular than the foucault
list! (i hope you recognize irony....)

i am perturbed by your last statement, your implicit claim to know the
general people who were turned off to foucault and your rather explicit
denial of all those who were quite happy that someone came up with a new way
to talk of power and especially of power/knoweledge.


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