Prefaces The order of things)

I must agree with Shepherdson. And also with Derrick.
The problem seems to be that the ways some culture orders the exterior world
is dependant of the world. The lenguage as a way to order the world. A
"glance" that cuts the objects and creates them.
As a psychoanalyst I must point here a question that Lacan arises. REALITY
is the pass of the world (REAL) trough the Lenguage (SIMBOLYC) and trough
These ways of ordering the world may change. In fact they change and create
a new reality, that can be seen in different orders or epistemes (v.g.
clasic age, modern age). Here raises a question. Are we passing to a
different episteme (a postanthropologyal one?


Hector Escobar Sotomayor


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