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On Mon, 13 May 1996, John A. L. Banks wrote:

> At 15:23 10/05/96 -0700, you wrote:
> >
> > I do not take offense at my response being labeled
> >"anti-intellectual," nor at the suggestion that I might be missing
> >something fundamental about the nature of the philosophical project.
> >Rather, I take on Din's challenge of a slow reading of the first chapter
> >or two of Butler's newest (as I have not, as Din noted and I stated in a
> >previous response, read a single word of it). Anyone care to accompany
> >me? I should hope, Din, that you will be there for me throughout this
> >adventure into the intellectual and philosophical.
> >
> >derrick
> >
> I would be most interested in such a reading of Butler's work. When shall we
> start?
> John Banks
> J.Banks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Would you like to start Wednesday? I have not yet bought the
book but can do so this afternoon and jump in feet first this evening.


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