Re: anthropocentric

>It seems we've gone a long way now, accusing Foucault's analysis of
discourse of
>being flawed because of its anthropocentrism. Is this list devoted to that
>who predicted the death of man?

Another ad hominem argument. Foucault says predicted the death of man hence
that is what his work does. But yes, that's right he did. Silly me I forgot.
BUT he did, did he not carry out resurrection on a scale to equal that
occurred some centuries ago, and which large portions of the globe celebrate
at Easter. The subject, man if you like, comes back with a vengence in later
Foucault. Oh I know, I know, you are going to tell me that this is not the
same subject as the rationalist modernist subject. I know, oh how I know. Is
not the ultimate humanist arrogance the assumption that _we_ have the power
to kill off authors, the subject, man, god etc, at will. We can't kill off
Elvis Presley though can we? At least he keeps reappearing (well actually so
do the others but who cares about the 'reality' of the situation any more).
Also I don't know if anyone reads anything other than Foucault on this list,
but man was killed off long before Foucault took it on himself to pronounce
him dead. Needs to get a watch I say.


Colin Wight
Department of International Politics
University of Wales, Aberystwyth
SY23 3DA


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