Re: Foucault vs. Chomsky

Omar Nasim wrote,
> Yes I would have to agree with your analysis of each's
> epistemological and ontological positions. But would you say that
> Chomsky is a structuralist, in that he makes truth and molds reality,
> while Foucualt is a post-structuralist ( I think he even called himself
> one). If this is true, then we find that there is some sort of implicit
> tension between Foucualts works and Chomsky's. Another question I have
> is that, Is Chomsky a post-modernist like Foucault???

I must admit that I am too much of a novice in post-modern philosophy
to feel very comfertable making these judgements. Sorry. My general
impression would be to say that Chomsky has more in common with
Aristotilian philosophy than the post-modern variety. He's very big
into classical catagories and innate ideas/structures. This doesn't
strike me as being particularly post-modern, but as I've said, I'm
somewhat a novice in these fields. (most my training is in analytic
philosophy, especialy Russel and Wittgenstein, who Chomsky dissagreed
with on most everything).
M. Lister
philosophy Student
Boise State University

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