Helene Cixous

Helene Cixous was invited to Madison campus (and paid $10.000) for her
about 1 h. of speak and what was supposed to be a seminar on her work (1
+1/2). Here is what I found interesting. I liked to share it with you:

Once asked if she was back to Alegeria at all? she replied: "No and I will
not until women are under such an oppression. "But" I went to Tunisia,
right next door." many people asked themselves: well, you mean women are
treated better in Tunisia? What about the W2 right here. etc... etc...

The day after in her seminar, once asked about her writing in the 70's, she
"I never belived that such thing as "feminine writing" exists. I have been

What do you think?

Az Khak Bar'amadim-o- Bar Khak Shodym

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