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In terms of ethnicity, I have not read anything. However, in the last
chapter of Power/Knowledge ("The Confession of the Flesh") Foucault does
discuss racism in the context of Vol. I of the History of Sexuality. You
might want to check this out.

A question on truth...Foucault believes that truth, like other discourses,
is constructed. Is it power that makes us seek a truth that is in essence
"not true"?


Clara Ho
The University of Calgary

On Fri, 31 Jan 1997, Lubna Nadvi wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm presently working on researching notions of authenticity and authentic
> identities.
> My focus is on the desire to attain an "authentic state of being/ authentic
> identity", through the "construction" of ethnicity. I would be very
> interested to know if there are any works by Foucault on the notion of
> Authenticity as a form of power, or anything related to it.
> Regards
> Lubna Nadvi
> Dept. of Philosophy
> South Africa

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