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Murray Simpson wrote:
>this is my first posting on the list. I am a doctoral student (among
>other things) interested in Foucault's methods as applied to the field
>of learning disability, or mental retardation in the US. I am
>especially intereseted in the treatment of idiocy in the
>nineteenth-century. If anyone else on the list is interested in a
>similar area then I'd be very interested to hear from you.

Murray, this sounds interesting and quite a nice topic to 'subject' (!) to
Foucauldian analysis. I have just come across this reference and I will
try to get a hold of the book (ie i have not read it yet, let alone bought
it!) because it fits in with my own interests in mental health. The
reference is

Wright D and Digby A (1996)From Idiocy to Mental Deficiency Routledge.

If you find it and read it soon, let me have your thoughts - I will do likewise!
Sorry cant dally, teaching starts today and so do problems!

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