Re: What's wrong with Hegel? (Foucault's _Archaeology..._)

On Thu, 13 Mar 1997 GMCMILLAN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> By the end of "discourse on Language_, Foucault seems to be
> going mad himself over the impossibilty of ever having
> a philosophy that isn't Hegelian...(_Archaeology of Knowledge_, p. 236).
> Why is he so upset with Hegel?
> Is the point of the whole study of madness in _Archaeology..._ to
> refute Hegel's methods and philosophy?
> I'm curious as to why Foucault feels this strong antipathy,
> frustration, and helplessness regarding Hegel.
> Could someone enlighten me?
> Thanks,
> Glo

Isn't it just that he thinks Hegel's story of history as the articulation
of Spirit's moments robs us of the irrational breaks and discontinuities
that make room for critical analysis and human freedom?


What's wrong with Hegel? (Foucault's _Archaeology..._), GMCMILLAN
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