Re: What's wrong with Hegel? (Foucault's _Archaeology..._)

On Fri, 14 Mar 1997, Sean Hill wrote:

> I think so. Hegel thinks that his own history of the world is the
> necessary history of the development of consciousness's awareness of
> itself; that it could not happen otherwise. Foucault rejects this

I'm not so sure that Hegel would agree with this description of his
position - while he certainly views world history as a process of
dialectical unfolding of Geist (absolute spirit, for want of a better
translation), he allows for the possbility of numerous paths towards this
same goal. Different historico-cultural locations will yield different
passages to the Absolute. So it is a sort of strange hybrid of the
necessary and the contingent..

where do you think this leaves Foucault?


Re: What's wrong with Hegel? (Foucault's _Archaeology..._), Sean Hill
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