Chart for systems of dispersion (_Archaeology..._)

Foucault describes "systems of dispersion" of statements in Ch. 2,
p. 33-35, _The Archaeology of Knowledge_.

One woman in my class came up with a chart for this. See if you
can add to it. Would appreciate help and corrections...

She says,


the hub of a wheel = the four items he investigates
(objects, types of statements, concepts, thematic choices)

the spokes = relationships (Is this precise enough?)

common spokes between differing wheels = regularities or
discusive formations

conditions where common spokes are formed = rules of formation

How's this? Has she got the flow chart right?

WE WOULD APPRECIATE any more charts that map what Foucault is saying
in _Archaeology..._. We are having to read two Foucault books so
quickly that it is very much to absorb, and I for one, am a visual
learner, so it would help me if ppl could could up with visual guides
to what goes with what. Thanks!


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