Re: transgression selection #8

> from "preface to transgression" in _language, counter-memory, practice_
> Selection #9: Since this existence [of the relation between transgression
> and limit-jsr] is both so pure and so complicated, it must be detached
> from its questionable association to ethics if we want to understand it
> and to begin thinking from it and in the space it denotes; it must be
> liberated from the scandalous or subversive, that is, from anything
> aroused by negative associations. ("preface to transgression," p. 35)

The above seems to be an example of Foucault directly stating his
intention to suspend ethical considerations for the purpose of analysis.
In order to understand the relation between transgression and limit, in
order to understand the *kind* of space it creates, we need to detach it
>from "its questionable association with ethics." So he's not dismissing
ethics, nor does he think there's never anything questionable about
transgressions of them. It's just that to figure out what is going on in a
world where transgressions of a certain kind are no longer legitimated and
transformed by a transcendent relation to God, ethical issues must be put
to the side so the relevant material can be concentrated on.


transgression selection #8, John Ransom
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