Re: Hegel as critic

At 9:10 AM 97.10.8, John Ransom wrote:
> Thanks. I'll check it out. Not that we need him for this, but Foucault
> himself recommends Althusser. Foucault was a student of Althusser's, if
> I'm not mistaken.

Yes, Foucaut was a student of Althusser's. But Foucault-Althusser relation
must not be limited to the student-teacher relation. Indeed, the relation itself
was inverted (see lire le Capital's note).
The important point of the relation is,I thik, in the understanding of the
power .
It goes without saying that Foucault thought the power is productive. The Fo
main claim about the power is the positivity of it.
On the other hand, Althusser's theory of AIE is also demonstrating the
productivity of the power (of the state). The goal of Althusser's theory of AIE
is to demonstrate the mechanism of the reproduction of the working class in
the superstructure, namely, to demonstratethe mechanism of ideological repro


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