Re: Hegel as critic

At 02:16 09/10/97 +0900, Chiba wrote:
>The goal of Althusser's theory of AIE
>is to demonstrate the mechanism of the reproduction of the working class in
>the superstructure, namely, to demonstratethe mechanism of ideological repro

I reread this essay yesterday afternoon for a local reading group, and
would therefor be reluctant to agree with your claim here. Althusser's
essay says more than one thing, and it seems reductionist to suggest that
this or that is 'his goal'. Maybe we could discuss Althusser's discussion
of the 'interpellation' of subjects, the apparently 'productive hypothesis'
regarding the state (argued 5-6 years before Foucault's history of
sexuality, vol 1.!), or other concerns that Althusser raises. Althusser's
concept of materiality, in contrast with Foucault's notion of discourse,
apparatuses of education, etc....

Campbell Jones
University of Otago
New Zealand

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