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Do correct me if I'm mistaken, but, rather than being very different, I'd
say Smart's comments in re. the distinction and mine, below, are
synonymous. The common point is that the distinction is indeed there (and
some folks, such as Laclau/Mouffe ignore it), but that the rest of the
Archeology discusses discursive formations in and of themselves.

As for periodizing Foucault, I'd say the AofK is a key transition point,
something of a summary and critique of the earlier writings. Later work,
esp. D&P, does attend to non-discursive milieux; in fact, I think it may be
said that for all those ponderous pages on discourse analysis in AK, he
doesn't really follow up on this in the historical writings that follow.
At least, not in any way I can see, and esp not in the sexuality "histories."

But there are some who do not see separate Foucaults, though references
escape me. Other folks will know more than I in re periodization. For
what its worth, in the later Foucalut (post-AofK) I for one miss the
attention to the "language-ness" of discurive formations. Not that there
isn't a crucial difference b/w these two realms, but I think marxian types
do the latter, better.

Daniel Vukovich

At 07:12 AM 10/14/97 +1100, you wrote:
>At 12:06 13/10/97 -0500, Daniel wrote:
>>Towards the beginning
>>of that book [presumably 'THe Archaeology'], F does acknowledge a
>distinction b/w discursive and
>>non-discursive dimensions of social reality, but then clearly focusses only
>>on the latter.
>Could please clarify (or qualify) this comment? I am thinking of the very
>different ready by Barry Smart, who notes the same section ealy in The
>Archaeology (pp45-46 in my translation) and then suggests that 'the
>question of the relationship between discursive and non-discursive
>practices receives little consideration as priority is accorded to the
>question of the analysis of discourse' ('Michel FOucault', 1985: 41).
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