Re: Surveiller et Punir

Jani writes:
> > ... Why is the English translation of 'Surveiller et Punir,' 'Discipline
> >and Punish'...
> >
> And in the Finnish translation it is 'Tarkkailla ja rangaista', to
>supervise and to punish. I think the English name represents the
>genuine version badly. After all, usually the name tells something about
>those things that the author thought would be important. Now in the
>English translation surveillence losts plenty of that importance to
>The consequence is obvious. It seems that the studies coming from
>enlish-speaking areas are more often focusing on discipline. And if the
>one who has done the study hasn't read his Foucault well enough, he or she
>usually misses the point

Could you please cite some examples of such studies? It's just hard for
me to believe that serious scholars would be so strongly affected by the
name of the book. Personally I've read only the english translation, and
it seems hard to fail to notice surveillance as a major subject. But
considering Foucault's later writings, esp. on the concept of
Power/Knowledge, discipline is also a very important subject in the book,
even if F didn't consider it as such at the time.
-- David Wachtfogel
-- Hebrew University
-- Jerusalem, Israel

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