Re: undergrad texts on foucault?

Hi all,

I agree with the suggestion that Foucault should (and can) be read by
undergrads. In the third year course that I have just finished teaching,
I insisted on my students reading selections from originals (well,
translations) by Foucault, as well as NIetzsche, Barthes, Derrida, and
others. In order to help with this, I had a one hour weekly reading
session. We all brought the photocopied readings, and went over one essay
in each session. Thus, as a way of introducing each author, I spent some
time reading with my students, asking them what passages meant, and having
them stop reading when they were lost. I found this valuable both for my
students and for myself. I just finished marking their final papers last
night, and I am very impressed with what senior undergrads can do if
expectations are set high from the start.

Campbell Jones
University of Otago
New Zealand

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