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though the irony of admitting this on a Foucault list doesn't miss me,
I'm an undergrad right now - as we speak.
(there goes being taken seriously -- I'm going to have to re-sub*cribe
under a new name now . . .)

I've read the 'Foucault for Beginners' book (published by Icon). It's
not bad, but I felt that it skimped a bit - I don't know how you could
really fit so many new ideas into a book like that - though I did like
the pictures! It would have been useful for beginners with Foucault,
but you'd need to talk about the ways in which it fell short of doing
him justice.

As harsh as it sounds, I'd have to agree that Foucault himself might be
the best starting point - although it might as well have been left
untranslated the first time I came across it.

I'm an undergrad, though, so don't take my word for it.

Incidentally, I have to say a big thanks for your book on Focault, which
I found extremely helpful myself - particularly on some of the parts of
foucault that aren't quite as 'sexy' as the others (to borrow from
caricaturist Miller). I found it very good in an argument with an
anthropology lecturer on Foucault's notion of epistemic rupture and


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