Re: on-line Foucault bibliography


Thank you very much for the bibliography. I've been looking for one. I
noticed at least one thing that wasn't listed on your bibliography (the
Interlocutor book). I can e-mail you the info later and also look thru the
other books I have to confirm them. =20

I noticed some of your books include short descriptions. Would you want
the back cover text from each of the books? I'd be very willing to help
you make the bibliography as complete as possible.


A 16:46 20/10/1997 -0400, JHEARN a =E9crit :
> I've been working at compiling just such a bibliography on-line at:
> =20
> =20
> It is still very incomplete, but with the updates that will be loaded=
> this week, it will be much less so, and suggested additions are always=
> welcome.
> =20
> Jeffrey Hearn
> Ph.D. candidate
> Department of History
> University of Maryland, College Park
> =20
> nomadic@xxxxxxxxxxx

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