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Talking about spaces, doesn't Foucault (somewhere) talk about the space,
imbibed with religious significance, used by the Egyptian scribes.

This neatly leads me on to my own question,
where does he mention the power of the literate in society, of the power
of writing and their attempt to maintain that power?

I'm feel that it is raised in relation to the Homeric poems and the
introduction od writing into Greece. I distinct recall reading it but
numerous trawls through his works only get me as far as other similar
passages but nothing so outrightly argued.

I am beginning to think it might not have been Foucault (I hope it wasn't
Derrida !). Can anyone recall such a passage?

Regards, John Walker

P.S. People may also find it useful to look at the 'cultural geography'
of Franco Moretti (more New Historicist then Foulcaultean) which though
more about travel through space rather than space as such (e.g. 'Modern
European Literature: A Geographical Sketch In: New Left Review, 206,
Jul/Aug 1994, pp 86-109.) I don't know if there is anyone who does a
similar thing for art history but I sure someone will let me know if
there is.

John Walker jwalker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
university of manchester

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